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To Texas with Love (or con Amor): How You Can Help #TexasStrong #HispzTX

It’s hard to believe that just about a month ago our team was in Houston for Hispanicize Texas. It was a wonderful event, as almost 500 digital creators, artists, entrepreneurs, brands, agencies and journalists convened in HTX from across the Lone Star State and other parts of the country. What made it so special was the spirit of Houstonians who proudly welcomed all attendees to their beautiful city. If you know Texans you know just how hospitable, caring and giving they can be, and the images that we’ve seen over the last few days show you just how true this is.

Our Hispanicize family is heartbroken over the devastation in Southeast Texas, and this week has been an emotional one as we learned of the tragic loss of so many innocent lives. We also have many dear friends, and colleagues who lost their homes or had to be evacuated. The number of individuals and families who have been displaced or somehow impacted because of Hurricane Harvey is staggering. Despite this it’s been inspiring to see people in Houston and surrounding communities come together to help those who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Vianney Rodriguez of Sweet Life lost her home in Aransas Pass, but on Friday 9/1 she spent the day doing what she does best, preparing warm, home cooked meals for those in need. Antonio Arellano of ABC13 in Houston created an Undocumented Communities Flood Relief Fund to help an estimated 575,000 undocumented immigrant families live in Houston and its surrounding suburbs. Yvonne Guidry of Spoiled Latina, always so proud of her hometown, has organized a #Love2Houston donation drive to collect essential items for individuals needing assistance. Pamela Andino and Ky Meyer of Real Beauty, Real Women, want to make make sure that donations are getting to the people who need them, and are mobilizing volunteers to collect donations and prepare care kits to #HelpHoustonHeal. Even local businesses like El Bolillo baked their delicious pan dulce for hundreds while being trapped because of flooding (if you were at Hispanicize Texas, they’re the ones that provided Prudential’s festive glittery-blue conchas).

So, What Can YOU Do?

We’ve been trying to determine the best way to help, by assisting with immediate needs and for the months ahead. What naturally makes the most sense is leveraging our relationships with influencer, brands and agencies to come together to help those who need help. So, we’ve begun to match up families and individuals that need help, with some of our brand partners.

Connecting Those in Need with Brands & Agencies:

Individuals & Families Who Need Assistance

If you are an individual or family who has been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and need assistance please complete the form HERE so that we can see how we may be able to assist you. If you have any questions about how to complete the form, please contact Candy at, or Ashley at

Brands & Agencies Wanting to Help

If you’re a brand or agency wanting to be connected directly with an individual or family who has specific needs, please contact Angela at, Cristy at

Give to a Reputable National or Local Organization:

In addition, there are several reputable organizations that could use your help so we’ve created a list of local and national organizations that can use your help. Please make sure that you donate to a reputable organization, like those listed below:

National/Local Organizations:

To Provide Food:

  • Houston Food Bank

  • Corpus Christi Food Bank

  • Southeast Texas Food Bank (Beaumont)

To Help Kids:

  • Texas Diaper Bank

  • The Driscoll Children’s Hospital (Corpus Christi)

To Provide Furniture:

  • Houston Furniture Bank

Assist Individuals and Families with Clean-Up Efforts:

If you’re in the Houston or Texas Gulf Coast area, local families could use your help. They spend the days cleaning their homes, then return to the shelters to sleep at night. Some of our Texas friends have been driving around during the day to hand out water and meals, and even offering to assist with moving items outside.

We encourage you to please do whatever you can do to help those who have been impacted by the storm! The need is great, not only now but also over the next several months. Any small gesture can go a long way to helping them to continue their lives, and rebuild their communities.

The Hispanicize Team

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